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University of Pittsburgh


Cutis Laxa - Related Links

  • Cutis Laxa Internationale
  • The goal of Cutis Laxa Internationale is to bring together individuals with cutis laxa from all over the world, and raise both awareness and money for cutis laxa research. Marie-Claude Boiteux, Chair of Cutis Laxa Internationale, can be reached by email at:

  • Facebook: Cutis Laxa Group

    The cutis laxa facebook page is a forum for cutis laxa patients and their families to reach out to others facing similar medical issues. Susan Dickison Nuner is one of the administrators of the cutis laxa facebook page and can also be reached by email at:

  • GTR: Genetic Testing Registry

    GTR is a website that provides information on the clinical and research testing available for many genetic conditions and syndromes. This particular entry lists the cutis laxa research testing offered by Dr. Zsolt Urban's Research Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Gene Reviews
  • Genetics Home Reference
  • Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)